through land readjustment and community land trusts 

The Changing Ground Project is a community development initiative that combines community land trusts with land readjustment strategies. 

It aims to identify land ownership structures that empower local residents economically, while rehabilitating areas of urban sprawl. 


The Changing Ground Project is fiscally sponsored by FJC, a 501c3 public charity. As such, all donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 


  • 100% debt relief on mortgage

  • New home at no cost

  • Permanent shareholders in ground lease 




  • "No-fee"ground lease agreement 

  • 100% title on new commercial buildings

  • Tax incentives



  • Added public revenue 

  • Comprehensive planning

  • Stronger local economy​​

"The trouble with land is that
they're not making it anymore."

- Will Rogers

Suburban Land Readjustment

Why redevelop suburbia?


America 2050, a non-profit urban research organization, predicts the emergence of eleven (11) distinct megaregions in the United States in the next few decades. Large anchor cities surrounded by smaller interdependent municipalities and suburban areas will most likely define urban fabric across the country, accounting for 80% of the population. While suburbia has traditionally not been an area of interest for redevelopment in cities, there are arguments for moving new development to them.​

US population will grow from 323 Million in 2010 to 438 Million in 2050 
Pew Research Center

Amount of open space lost per day to construction.

US Forest Service

Estimated funds needed to repair existing infrastructure
by 2020.

American Society of Civil Engineers

Developed land in the US will increase from 
39 to 69 Million acres in 2060

US Forest Service

"Economic Growth doesn't mean anything 
unless it is inclusive growth."

- John Michael Green, Author
World Economic Forum, Davos

Land Readjustment is a physical reorganization and redevelopment of property, where original property owners retain property rights in the new development in a new physical format.
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