Land Readjustment Report - Silverton, Ohio

Release date: February 2021

A New Model of First Suburban Revitalization: Achieving Equity and Sustainability through Land Readjustment and a Land Trust in Silverton, Ohio – Phase 1

Funded by generous support from the Carol Ann & Ralph V. Haile, Jr. Foundation, this report is the first of a series of studies to determine if a land readjustment strategy is viable for the revitalization of Silverton, Ohio's central business district. The report was authored by a team of consultants from the Changing Ground Project, Reztark Design Studio, and the Saint Francis Group. Additional commentaries from the City of Cincinnati Office of the Environment and Sustainability, Hamilton County Development Corporation, Hunter College, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana (OKI) Council of Governments, and The Port are included. 


How it Works Series

Release date: January 2021

How it Works - Ownership in Land Trust Calculation

Owning property can be a rewarding asset, however, assembling that property into a land trust with adjacent properties can considerably expand development options bringing signifi cant returns for stakeholders in years to come. As part of the land readjustment process, properties are assembled into one continuous piece of land. However, before that land is ready for redevelopment, some steps need to take place. 


How it Works Series 

Release date: January 2021

How it Works - New Housing Entitlement Calculation

The homes in our neighborhoods come in all different shapes, sizes and states of condition. As the community transitions from single-family homes into multifamily condomium units in the land readjustment process, one challenge is determining how to calculate how much square footage of new housing each homeowner will receive in the future development.