Guided by principles of "equal footing"

The Changing Ground Project is a pilot housing and community development initiative, whose mission is to use land readjustment strategies to empower local communities economically, while transforming areas of low density, urban sprawl into mixed-use, walkable developments. We firmly believe that communities have more control over their destinies than they might imagine and that cooperative land ownership structures, created through a land readjustment process, can go a long way to create prosperous and thriving neighborhoods.

We are an independent facilitator of land readjustment strategies, working in close collaboration with municipal partners, community leaders, and investors. Guided by principles of "pari passu" (lat.) or "equal footing", the Changing Ground Project identifies equitable land ownership strategies that empower local homeowners economically, create new opportunities for investors, while strengthening local municipalities for a community's long-term economic stability and prosperity. 

The Changing Ground Project is fiscally sponsored by FJC, a 501c3 public charity. As such, all donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.



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Dean Mencius 

Finance and Operations Officer


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Jeremey Newberg

Capital Access, Inc.


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Grant Johnson
Director, Development and Operations

Capital Access, Inc.


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Brett Kratzer
CEO | Design Principal

Reztark Design Studio


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Dean Lutton 
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Jennifer Kelley 

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Evangelia Balla, Urban and Regional Planner, Land Policy Advisor, Researcher at the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geoinformation Management (ITC), University of Twente

Nicholas D. Bloom, PhD, Director, Master in Urban Planning Program, Professor of Urban Policy and Planning, Hunter College, City University of New York 

Angela Brooks, AICP, Development Manager, Chicago Housing Authority 

Yu Hung Hong, PhD, Research Associate and former Director of Samuel Tak Lee MIT Real Estate Entrepreneurship Laboratory, MIT
Andrew Jakabovics, VP, Policy Development, Enterprise Community Partners